The Cosmos want all of our supporters to enjoy their visit to a game at MCU Park. To make sure you have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience, we have set forth the following guidelines and supplied this information to all patrons.  We encourage every one of our guests to arrive at MCU Park and enter the stadium as early as possible to avoid delays.  If you haven’t visited MCU Park for a Cosmos game previously, please give yourself extra travel time.

Fan Promise and Expectations:

Watch the match in a safe, comfortable, clean and healthy environment.
• Be treated with respect and dignity in a courteous and professional manner by other spectators at the game and organizers of the event.
• Cheer their team, provided that the support is in good taste and neither adversely impacts the game experience of fellow spectators nor negatively impacts the game itself.
• Expect displays of good sportsmanship between players, as well as timely and accurate information related to the game from the hosts.

The Cosmos are also committed to creating a safe, enjoyable and memorable soccer experience for all guests in and around our stadium.  Cosmos fans have the right to expect an environment where:

• Fans are encouraged to cheer, sing and support their team in a respectful and courteous manner to their fellow patrons, game officials and opposing team players.
• Fans enjoy the soccer experience free from fighting, thrown objects, attempts to enter the playing field and political or inciting messages.
• No disorderly behavior, including foul, sexist, racial, obscene or abusive language or gestures will ever be tolerated.
• Fans comply with requests from stadium public safety officers regarding stadium policies and emergency response procedures.
• Fans carefully return any ball that enters the stands to a guest services member or the ball kid on the sidelines.
• Fans conduct themselves in a lawful manner to avoid incidents in the stadium and surrounding areas.

Smoke Polices:

1.      Enola Gay WP40 “Smoke Grenades” are the only approved item
2.      The 5 Points must purchase the canisters and give them to Cosmos Operations for storage at MCU Park
3.      Cosmos Ops will deliver canisters to the section prior to each game
4.      There will be a can or drum put in the front of the section prior to each game.  The canisters can only be ignited while in the can or drum.  Holding the canister anywhere else in the stadium will be a violation of this policy and may result in permanent revocation of this policy
5.      If anyone is caught attempting to bring in or successfully brings in ANY TYPE of device (including but not limited to smoke bombs, fireworks, etc.) through the stadium gates will result in permanent revocation of this policy

Currently, the use of streamers and confetti as an expression of fan enthusiasm is not prohibited, but will be kept under review.


Alcohol Management:

Policy New York State law requires that you must be at least 21 years of age to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages. Upon request, each customer must present valid ID at the time of purchase. We reserve the right to refuse any sale. There is a two beer maximum per ID. Please drink responsibly, and NEVER drink and drive. We have established the following ground rules for alcohol sales to ensure that the enjoyable soccer experience is not spoiled by the behavior of inappropriate individuals:
    1. It is illegal to consume alcoholic beverages on the sidewalks or in the parking lots; anyone doing so will be subject to arrest.  
    2. Alcoholic beverages and controlled or illegal substances may not be brought into the stadium.
    3. Drunk or disorderly fans will be denied admittance to the stadium.
    4. Intoxicated or under-aged fans will not be permitted to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages at the ballpark.
    5. Drunk or disorderly fans inside the stadium will be ejected and may be subject to arrest.
    6. Fans using foul or abusive language will be subject to ejection.
    7. Fans interfering with play in any manner, including the throwing of objects onto the field or entering the field, will be subject to arrest.

Smoking Restrictions:
Under New York City Law, smoking is prohibited

There are two elevators at the stadium, stopping at the Main Lobby, the Concourse Level, and the two upper suite levels.

Handicapped Access:
The stadium is completely wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair patrons should enter through the Main Lobby, and then take either the tunnel to the Field Level, or the elevator to the Concourse Level, Luxury Suites, and Party Deck. To inquire about Wheelchair Seating, please call the Sales department at 855-712-6766

Camera/Video Equipment:
Small film or digital still cameras are permitted inside the stadium. However, fans taking pictures will not be permitted to interfere with other fans enjoyment of the game.

Gates Open:
The Gates open one hour before the start of the game.

Lost and Found:
Any found items should be deposited at the Fan Services Tent. If any item is lost please go to the Fan Service Tent to claim your lost item and if the item is not at that location, a Cosmos representive will give you more information to contact MCU Park. 

First Aid:
If a medical emergancy arises please report to ushers, security, front office staff, or the Fan Services Tent to assit in any medical emergancy.

Cosmos Sales Team:

Tickets to all Cosmos home games, including Season Tickets, Groups, Family Packages and individual tickets can be purchased in advance by calling 1-855-71-COSMOS (1-855-712-6766) during normal business hours (Mon - Fri, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.) or by logging on to at any time.

Scoreboard Messages:
Fan birthday and anniversary announcements are displayed on the ballpark scoreboard during halftime. The Cosmos will not approve messages that are commercial in nature, or that contain inappropriate language or nicknames, and cannot guarantee that all requests will be honored. Contact Sales department 855-712-6766 for more information.

Birthday Parties:
Your child can celebrate their special day with a cosmos birthday party at the stadium. Contact Sales department at 855-712-6766 for more information.

Season Tickets:
With Season Tickets, you're guaranteed to see all the action at the park, as a member of the Cosmos family. In addition to the entertainment that makes a Cosmos ticket the best value in New York sports, you'll also get exclusive benefits, offers, and invitations throughout the season. To order Season Tickets call 855-712-6766

Party Deck:
The Party Deck provides an ideal setting for a large group. Perched atop the ballpark, the Deck offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire borough - from the Manhattan skyline to the Atlantic Ocean - and a bird's eye view of the action on the pitch. Contact Sales department at 855-712-6766 for more information.

For information on New York Cosmos Corporate Sponsorship opportunities - please Contact Sales department at 855-712-6766 for more information.

Will Call Window:
Will Call orders are tickets left by the Club, tickets purchased via mail, phone, or Internet after the mailing deadline, and tickets left by a third party. To pick up any of these tickets, go to the Will Call Window, one and a half hours before game time. Fans must show proper photo identification to pick up tickets. Will call orders must be left under the name of the person who will pick them up.

Luxury Suite:
If you are looking for a unique and memorable way to entertain clients, associates, family or friends, then you are looking for a Luxury Suite at MCU Park. For more information please contact the Sales department at 855-712-6766

Cosmos tickets may not be resold or offered for resale in a manner or at a price in violation of any Federal, State, or local law or regulation. Under New York law, the maximum premium price for a ticket is the established price, including applicable sales tax, plus five dollars. Under penalty of law, an unlicensed vendor within 1,500 feet of the stadium may not resell tickets.

Fan Services:
At the Fan Services Tent, fans can claim giveaways with vouchers, sign up for contests and games, claim prizes, ask questions, give comments, and more. Stop by the Fan Services Center on any game day.

The parking lot at the stadium is operated by Surf Ave. Parking.  All vehicles entering the parking areas may be subject to search.

Handicapped Parking:
Handicapped parking is available at the stadium. Upon entering the stadium, ask the attendant at the parking entrance to direct you to the handicapped parking spaces.

See you at the Game!

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Uniondale, NY 11553

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