Cosmos Chairman Rocco Commisso Sends Letters To U.S. Soccer President Carlos Cordeiro

Published Apr 30, 2018

New York Cosmos Chairman, Rocco Commisso, recently sent two letters to U.S. Soccer President, Carlos Cordeiro.  In those letters, Rocco states his willingness to personally invest $250 million to grow independent professional soccer in exchange for the Federation taking steps to protect his investment by providing a 10-year compliance runway for his league and strengthening its internal governance standards.

You can read more about these developments on Sports Illustrated’s website (Click here for story).

You can also read the letter correspondence between Rocco Commisso and Carlos Cordeiro by clicking on the PDF links below.

Commisso Letter Dated April 13, 2018

Werner Fricker Letter Dated July 30, 1988

Cordeiro Response Letter Dated April 19, 2018

Commisso Response Letter Dated April 23, 2018

Flynn Response Letter Dated April 29, 2018