Charlie Ledula Keeping Busy This Thanksgiving

The England native tells of his plans for the holiday
Nov 28, 2019
When he first came to the United States as a LIU Post freshman in 2015, Charlie Ledula admits that he only knew about Thanksgiving from watching films in his native England.
The London native did not know many people, but he was invited to a friend’s house to partake in the holiday dinner.
On Thanksgiving Day 2019, the New York Cosmos forward finds himself with several invitations and Ledula plans to make the rounds on Thursday.
"This year I've got a lot of invites. I'm loved," Ledula said with a laugh. "The same way I love them."
Four years ago, it was quite different.
When Thanksgiving came around, the family of LIU Post teammate Neil Feminella invited Ledula over to their house for the holiday.
"He took me in as his brother as well," he said. "I met his mother and father. I thought I was part of the family. I was appreciative of that. He took me in, including holiday time at Christmas as well. It was a great feeling. it helped me settle really quick as well.
"His mother, Jeannette Feminella, God rest her soul. She is someone I'll never forget because I came from England all alone and she took me like I was her own son and for that I will always have the Feminella family in my heart. I really wish she was still here so she could see how far I've come. But that's my family for life!"
For this Thanksgiving, Ledula and his wife Brittny will make his rounds to several friends. He has plans to visit the Feminella household and the homes of Andre Williamsson, "who is like my big brother," the forward said, and his friend Chase Brown.
"A lot of people," Ledula added.
Ledula has plenty to be thankful for this year.
He became a weapon off the bench for the Cosmos, who reached the National Premier Soccer League National Championship and finished second in the NPSL Members Cup.
Last Sunday Ledula scored the lone goal in the N.Y. Pancyprians' 1-0 win over Brockton United FC, a result that boosted the team into the 2020 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup. The Pancyprians are three-time Open Cup champions.
Ledula scored in the fourth minute in a game that was played in freezing rain in Everett, Mass. The Everett Memorial Stadium field was waterlogged, especially on one of the sidelines. The game was called by game officials in the 58th minute because of an unplayable field. The Pancyprians were awarded the victory.
“The conditions were really, really brutal,” Ledula said.
On the winning goal, the ball was passed to Ledula and hit a puddle.
“The ball just stopped right in front of me,” he said.  “I remember just glancing up and seeing the 'keeper coming out and hit the ball into the corner. I had to lift it a little bit, because I knew, especially we had done the warm-up, the ball wasn’t going to travel really quickly. I just lifted it up a little bit and thankfully, it went in.”
The 27-year-old Ledula is playing with the Cosmopolitan Soccer League club to keep himself fit in the offseason.
"Of course, the level that the Pancyprians have, they're the best team in the league," Ledula said. "I thought they can keep me at that level. So, when [the Cosmos] do come back, I'll be ready. If I played for another team, I don't think I would have pushed myself as much. They really expect a lot from me, and it makes me push harder and try a little bit better than last year."
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