NY Cosmos Donate to Forza e Cuore Campaign

Cosmos support effort led by Fiorentina to help hospitals in Florence combat Coronavirus
Published Mar 17, 2020

The Coronavirus has swept across the United States and its effects are being felt across the country. As bad as things are in the U.S., it is significantly worse in Italy.

With the second oldest population on earth, Italy has been particularly susceptible to this destructive illness. The speed in which this pandemic has spread across Italy has overwhelmed the country’s healthcare system. To date, 2,500 of the 31,500 Italians who have contracted COVID-19 have perished.

ACF Fiorentina launched the FORZA E CUORE (STRENGTH AND HEART) fund-raising campaign with the target of reaching €500,000 and President Rocco Commisso, his wife Catherine and his son Giuseppe have today kicked off the initiative by donating €250,000 to two foundations in Florence on the front lines of the Coronavirus battle.

The funds raised by FORZA E CUORE will primarily go to the Careggi Foundation and the Santa Maria Nuova Onlus Foundation, whose missions are to provide financial support to the main hospitals dealing with the health crisis in the metropolitan area of Florence.

The New York Cosmos have donated €10,000 to this cause to help our friends in Florence.

“I’ve been following the situation in Italy very closely and with a great degree of worry in recent days,” said  Commisso, who is also Chairman of the New York Cosmos. “I want to offer my support, my family’s support and that of the club and all our friends to all those who are doing everything they can to save lives and stop the spread of this invisible and insidious enemy as quickly as possible. I want to say a special thank you to the doctors, nurses and hospital staff that are currently fighting the toughest of battles in Tuscany.”

Donations will be used to provide essential medical supplies and equipment – including masks, surgical clothing, hand sanitizer, infrared laser thermometers, virus testing kits and ventilators – to hospitals soon, allowing medical staff to more effectively tackle the emergency facing Florence and its people.

There is some old history between the two clubs. Back on May 30, 1983 the Cosmos hosted Fiorentina at Giants Stadium as part of the Trans-Atlantic Cup. The Cosmos were victorious by a score of 4-1, led by a Giorgio Chinaglia brace while captain Giancarlo Antognoni was on the scoresheet for the Viola.

You can find more information about the Forza e Cuore campaign and donate here: