Cosmos Art: Fans’ Choice of Prints

Vote for your favorite Cosmos matches to be commenorated by The Goal Hanger
Published May 25, 2020

Since the club’s birth in 1971, the New York Cosmos have always been at the intersection of sport and art, inspiring great works in various media. The rich legacy of the Cosmos is fertile terrain for the distinctive infographic celebration of iconic sporting moments that have made The Goal Hanger a nostalgic soccer fan favorite, so we have decided to partner for a series of six Full Games prints celebrating key episodes in the club’s history. Four will commemorate the Golden Era and two will represent the Reboot Era. With so many great memories to choose from, we have tried to narrow it down to some of our favorites but need the fans of Cosmos Country to help us decide which ones will be selected to be among the six prints.

Additionally, The Goal Hanger was commissioned by The 5 Points to commemorate this great goal by Eric Calvillo in 2017 to help raise funds for the Coney Island Lighthouse Mission. You can purchase yours by clicking here.