In the Net with Jimmy Maurer sits down with the Cosmos goalkeeper for a quick Q&A.
Published Jun 19, 2015

By Aaron Cheris (@AaronHowie

Since the 2015 NASL Spring Season started, the New York Cosmos have not lost a game. 

In the net for every second so far this season has been goalkeeper Jimmy Maurer. In his third season with the Cosmos, Maurer has been the backstop on the goal line. He was named NASL Player of the Month of April. Through 10 NASL matches, Maurer has made 26 saves. He has also conceded just nine goals, the second lowest of any NASL goalkeeper who has started at least nine games.

On Wednesday Maurer was spectacular, stopping three penalty kicks as the Cosmos defeated NYCFC in the U.S. Open Cup. Maurer recently talked to in the middle of the unbeaten streak. How would you describe your style in net?

Maurer: I like to stay connected. I like to think I’m pretty well rounded, trying to do a little bit of everything: communication, keeping things organized, having good distribution, being able to start attacks and obviously coming up with big saves when called upon. 

Do you have any pregame rituals you do before you step on the pitch?

The only thing I really have is just kissing my wedding ring three times for my wife and two kids before I take it off and get ready to play.

What has been the key to the team’s success so far this season?

We have been working as a team. All 11 guys are working together, defending together. We’re keeping things organized and keeping the ball offensively as well. Limiting the time the other team has the ball is a big thing. If we have it, they can’t be dangerous.

Yourself, Hunter Gorskie and Carlos Mendes have played every minute so far this season. Describe the chemistry you have with the defense.

It’s great. The more time you get together, the better the chemistry is, especially defensively. Knowing what each other’s tendencies are and what each other are going to do at any moment is a big thing. We’ve been together the last couple years. The continuity is very important.

The Cosmos finished the Spring Season on top of the league standings. What does the championship mean to you and the team?

It’s just great. The way the league is set up, a win in the spring gives you a big advantage going into the postseason, being able to host and knowing that you’re into the postseason you can really just focus on developing as a team, getting better day in and day out as we go and try and win the fall as well. 

The team recently took a historic trip to Cuba. What was the highlight of that experience?

The whole experience was great. Just from the moment we got there until we left it was an incredible time. Obviously the game was a great experience, all the fans, the national anthems were really emotional. It was just a great trip.

Marcos Senna recently announced he is retiring at the end of the Fall Season. What kind of impact has he had on the rest of the team?

Marcos Senna is a legend. From the time he’s gotten here until the time he leaves, he’s been an incredible figure for us. Scored so many important goals for us, been such a leader in the midfield. Really brought our team up to another level. It’s been an honor to be able to play with him.

How does this team compare to other teams you have played on?

Here, we’re just a big family. Gio talks about it a lot but it’s really true. We’re a really close-knit group. We work hard together on the field and enjoy ourselves off the field together. It’s special, the relationships we have here.